Empowered Women Travel

February 13th to February 17, 2019 - Havana, Cuba

Starting at $897 per person - 5 days, 4 nights in Cuba

April 18th to April 26, 2019 - Thailand

Starting as low as $1,197 per person - 8 Days, 7 nights - Bankok, Thailand

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Not only do we travel, empowered women empower women.  We explore, inspire and renew our minds, bodies and spirits.  We expand our horizons and world views. Sometimes we do it alone, other times with friends.  Some of us take a trip, as our first sign of empowerment.  Travel reaffirms we are in control of our lives.  Traveling gifts us with the chance to make connections with new people.  The experiences we are gifted when traveling are priceless, they last longer than most material things and change us in ways "things" cannot.  

We are a travel and tour company created to give women an interesting, inspiring travel encounter but we also leave a very important footprint with all our tours.  Our tours support local woman owned businesses and are designed to give our travel partners more than a vacation.  During our tours we spend time meeting local women.  We volunteer, we have dinner together, inspire each other, empower each other,  create lifetime experiences.  

This trip is for you if;

  • You are interested in immersing yourself in other cultures. 

  • You're ready to step out of you're comfort zone.   

  • You are ready to be inspired!

  • You are willing to be a part of a movement that supports women and strengthens communities.

  • You want to step up your Instagram and Facebook game with interesting pictures and stories. 


This trip trip takes you to the heart and soul of Cuba. Not for average tourists, this is a trip for explorers.  It's an experience of a lifetime, one where you may meet a lifelong friend and career connections.   One day, you can look back and say “Yes!! I did That!"...and have the pictures to prove it. We love Cuba because it’s such is a dichotomy.   It’s one of few Caribbean islands with a vibrant bustling city landscape and sleepy country facade, all within minutes of each other.  It is home to more than 300 beaches spread across the Southern Caribbean Coastline. 

Havana, its capital, is home to over 2 million people.  The birthplace of the best cigars, rum and music in the world.  It is a city that never sleeps! There is something for everyone in Cuba.  The people are warm, the sand is soft and the music is “muy caliente”.  This island is absolutely magical.  Empowered Women Travel's mission is the explore this mystical country and empower the women of Cuba, though humanitarian missions such as volunteering, supporting by shopping at their stores, and donating school supplies to their children. 




let's travel Together in havana, cuba

 Adventures are much more empowering when you have people to share it with.








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